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Hey look hoo mastered his router! That's right I did. So now I shall pollute teh internets wit mah streeem...
Stream Location: Everywhere.
Broadcaster Since: December 21, 2006.
Hit Count: 13220.
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(King) Tilly's page of win and cam
OK. So this is mah page of webkamz and win. On here I am terribly obnoxious and I tend to play really loud amazing music. My girlfriend lives here - so chances are you might see her around the house - no fapping.I would have put a picture of myself but that would probaly have defeated the purpose of the webpage. Dis be ware i shall fuck up ur intarwebz with my ridiculous tom foolary and overall genious. If you've made it this far into the text you get 100 Internets - because now the real important dribble starts - whether you likes it or not. IMPORTANT DRIBBLE: This stream has alwasy been and shall remain terribly boring. But that's ok. I mean what did you expect? Over here we smoke. And smoke. So if you're offended by either - Sor - no I'm fuckin witcha, not sorry. Unfortunately if you're not a fan of either... um... Fuck off. Right now at this very moment I've run out of garbage to put here. But soon, ooo sooon I be back...